Slideshow Image 1 Repertoire includes Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major; No. 6 in B flat major & J. Brahms Piano Quintet. For Tickets Call (786) 581-7746
Slideshow Image 2 Three-time Grammy-nominated Cuban music group Tiempo Libre is one the hottest young Latin bands of today. For Tickets Call (786) 581-7746
Slideshow Image 2 The critics call them "Exceptional" "Brilliant" "Marvelous" "Meticulous, Casual, Inventive and Precise". For Tickets Call (786) 581-7746
Slideshow Image 2 Gekic "rides the charismatic edge of genius" says The Boston Globe; The New York Times called Shevchenko "a musician to cherish".
Slideshow Image 2 Praised by the New York Times as a splendid player, del Curto has captivated audiences around the world. For Tickets Call (786) 581-7746
The Miami World-Music Festival was created by South Florida Friends of Classical Music, a non-profit organization to encourage and support the musical heritage of countries around the world. The annual Festival features academic, traditional and contemporary music from diverse cultures performed by acclaimed world-class artists.

The festival emphasizes genres and music written by the greatest composers of all time, it also showcases music events using world's traditional folk instruments. The 2012 Festival presents five concerts representing music from Germany, Cuba, Spain, Russia & Argentina.
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