Slideshow Image 1 Suites for Flute & Guitar by platinum-selling French composer Claude Bolling, with Grammy-winning flautist and acclaimed Cuban guitarist.
Slideshow Image 2 Spanish & Cuban Zarzuelas with blend of operatic and popular musical -supported by award-winner singers, orchestra, dance, and scenery.
Slideshow Image 2 Through rhythm, choreography, and movement Venus Rising strives to empower individuals to break barriers by celebrating diversity.
Slideshow Image 2 Luz Marina & Menage with special guest Saul Vera on the Bandola Llanera in an afternoon of intimate and poetic music from Venezuela.
Slideshow Image 2 An evening of Indian classical raga, a system of music born out of sacred devotional healing music performed by Jeff Dean and Vicki Richards.
The Miami World Music Festival was created by South Florida Friends of Classical Music, a non-profit organization to encourage and support classical music performances and the musical heritage of countries around the world. The annual Festival features academic, traditional and contemporary music from diverse cultures performed by acclaimed world-class artists.

The Festival emphasizes genres and music written by the greatest composers of all time, and also showcases music events using world's traditional folk instruments. The second Festival 2013 presents five concerts representing music from France, Spain/Cuba, Africa, Venezuela, & India.
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