An Evening of Indian Classical Music

Jeff Deen & Vicki Richards

Indian classical raga is a system of music born out of sacred devotional healing music. Each "raga" (melodic scale) and "tala" (rhythmic cycle) has a different healing effect on our minds and bodies. In the hands of skilled artists who have received intense training from their gurus, these musical pieces become tools for healing and meditation. Two such artists come together this evening to share their skills and open hearts through Indian classical music.

Vicki Richards’ musical history spans more than 4 decades and crosses many international and musical time lines. Originally trained as an orchestral violinist, Vicki journeyed to Varanasi, India to study the art of improvisation through North Indian classical music.  After years of intensive study with her teacher, Dr. N. Rajam, Vicki is one of the few westerners with deep knowledge of the traditions of Indian raga.

Jeffrey Deen is an accomplished percussionist, performer and educator.  He studied “tabla” (North Indian drums) under his guru, Pandit Sharda Sahai, the leader of the Benares Gharana of tabla playing.  Jeff is adept at playing traditional Indian classical style, as well as combining his tabla with various western musicians.  As the founder of Drumming for Wellness, Jeff leads workshops on using drums, vibration and rhythm as tools for meditation and healing.

Sun., Sep 22 at 6:00 PM
FIU Wertheim Concert Hall
$25; $35
11200 SW 8th Street Miami, Florida 33199